Brandon Milton

The 2017 Recipient of the MI3 Ministries Future Leadership Stars of Tomorrow

2017 graduate of Westfield High School, Houston Texas

Brandon will attend Sam Houston University in the fall of 2017. He will major in Business and Finance.

Initially when we opened our Center in the fall of 2014, Brandon was a frequent customer; he came to play basketball with the other kids in the neighborhood. We noticed a special quality in regards to Brandon. He stood out as a kid of tremendous character. He would ask if he could volunteer around the center and we decided to allow him to volunteer. Brandon exceeded our expectations. His level of maturity is beyond his years.

In the summer of 2015, our Academy was in need of tutor and without hesitation we hired Brandon. The children in our program really admire him. He is smart, helpful, and always in a good mood. Brandon takes initiative, he’s independent and well rounded. He is a problem solver and has the skill to anticipate issues and works to solve them.

Brandon knows how to balance school, work, and playtime. His grades show how hard he works. He is a very well rounded student.  I am certain he will excel in his college studies. He is the type of student a school should invest in. It is for this reason we have selected Brandon to receive this award.

We believe great things are in store for Brandon; he will be a leader in his community. He possesses all the qualities of a great leader. We are proud to know him.