Medical Mission

In 2016, MI 3 Ministries began working with the gracious people of Egoro Amede, Ekpoma, Edo State Nigeria by assisting with their church building fund. Wanting to do more, we began to think of how we can make a getter impact on the village. We decided healthcare and education are two critical areas we can provide the most assistance. The village has very limited access to healthcare and the local school is in great need of children’s books and school supplies.Partnering with Nursing Bridges and Cross Bridge Pharmacy, we will travel to Egoro Amede and Ohordua in Nigeria in October 2017 to provide a medical/educational mission. It is our goal to support good health for the residents by providing doctors and nurses for a health fair where residents can access services and medication. Health education will also be a pivotal part of this mission.

Concurrently, with the medical services, we will host a children’s book and school supply fair. Our goal is to get developmentally appropriate books and supplies into the hands of each child in attendance.